Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just the way you are

Too many people nowadays hate themselves because of the way they look. People can be beautiful no matter what shape, size or color they might be. You don't need to look like what the media makes it out to be. Those girls in the magazines, in movies, tv shows, billboards and everywhere else that you see them, aren't perfect and you don't need to live up to how they are. They might be beautiful on the outside, but it's what inside that matters. Your beauty on the inside slowly starts to shine through and everyone else will notice that. I know it's cliche and very overused, but I will never stop telling people this until they realize it. Everybody is beautiful on the inside and out. Go find a mirror, look into it and say to yourself "I'm beautiful on the inside and out. No matter what people say to me, I won't let them tell me who or what I am." Tell yourself you're worth it and how wonderful you are. We all have flaws, theres no doubt about it, but we all have something amazing about us. Whether it's a hidden talent, how we give great advice, how we dress, how we are creative or whatever, we are all special and beautiful in our own way. 

P/s: listening to Just the way you are by Bruno Mars

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