Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is this the life you lead or the life that leads you?

The grand finale came as constant color, thunder shapes dancing and painting the sky. And it struck me that we were all there by choice and by chance. We were there to watch the wonder, no one telling us what to do or how to respond. In the final minute, as the skies exploded, we did the same, all of us clapping and cheering. We had become one thing. It was a significant moment for me in this my new home, not forever but for now. This city never stops. People call it a monster and talk about feeling swallowed and alone. People constantly give up and go home with broken dreams, feeling invisible, feeling forgotten. But last night I saw it pause. I saw thousands of people walk west with hope to catch a glimpse and then I saw them see it. I can't say why each person went or what their story was before the moment. I can only tell you that I want to feel alive. I went because it's too easy to forget, to believe the black night sky is only black. I went to stand next to my friends in hopes that we could share this, remember this. Last night, I hope you felt the fireworks. I hope you saw the wonder when the skies filled up with color. And in the moment, I hope you were reminded that it's possible, that beauty still happens. We don't only live in books awake and dreams asleep. We are living our stories you and I, with dreams inside us undeniable, love to give and people to walk with. I hope for you what I hope for myself. I hope for you the hope to 
know it. 

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